Food for Fines, December 1 – December 20, 2008

The Jackson Madison County Libraries will be collecting can food and pet food items during this holiday season, and we are offering an incentive to encourage you to participate!

If you have an overdue book or a fine on your library account, you can bring in a can food item or a pet food item and have a charge waived from your account between December 1st and December 20.

Here are some guidelines and things to remember:

  • ONE ITEM will count for the fines of ONE BOOK.  (If you have fines for 4 books on your account, you will need to bring in 4 items to abolish all your fines.)
  • Only canned food items, please.
  • Please bring your item to the circulation desk so we may remove your fines.
  • This may count for fines on your account as well as overdue books you may currently have out.

The items collected will be sent to RIFA and the Madison County Humane Society.

Don’t forget!  It is one item per book.  If you have multiple items on your account with fines, you will need to bring in multiple canned food items.