Book Club in a Bag

At the library we are trying to think of new ideas and programs for you, our patrons. One idea that wbagse are throwing around is a Book Club in a Bag program and we want your feedback!

What is a book club in a bag? Well, it is a service that makes it easy for you to set up your own book club. If you are starting a new book club and need a little help, or if you are in an established book club and don’t know what book to pick or don’t want to purchase copies of a book, then you could come to the library and check out a book-club-in-a-bag.

  • Each bag would be filled with multiple copies of a popular book.
  • We would also include a list of questions for discussion, tips for making your book club a success, and information about the author. (and possibly even a DVD if the book has been made into a popular movie)
  • You would be able to check out the bag for a longer period of time such as 6 weeks.
  • The person checking out the bag would be responsible for the whole kit and would distribute the books to other members of the club and then be responsible for returning the bag with all the copies.

So here are some questions for you, please write comments on this blog or email! We want your opinion!

  • Would you be interested in checking out a book-club-in-a-bag for your book club?
  • What are your favorite book club picks?
  • What other programs would you like to see us have here at the library?