Art Lessons at the Jackson Madison County Library

We have been approached with an awesome opportunity at the Jackson Madison Library to offer art lessons, courtesy of Mr. Frank Poppelaars and the American Art Academy.  Mr. Poppelaars holds a European Masters in Fine Art and studied and/or taught at The Ludwig Forum Museum of International Art and the John F. Kennedy School in Germany.  He now resides in Jackson and is excited to share his talent and expertise with our community.

We are teaming together to offer this program to the Jackson and Madison County community.  At the moment, we are planning and determining the interest level of those who would like to participate.  We are currently looking at two types of classes.

The first is an adult/older teen class for those who are intereseted in advancing their skills further.  This class will “enable you to discover your talents and preferences for certain techniques and styles, as well as provide the perfect environment to hone skills and try new approaches to painting.”

The second class is more of an “experimental” class geared for beginners as they discover and “understand the creative process that lies behind art and how that process can give their own artistic efforts a new freedom and happiness.”

We are currently considering hosting a class for adults on Saturdays and children on Monday evenings.  If enough interest is generated, we may be able to offer a class during the weekday for seniors and/or one for homeschoolers.  We are simply gauging the interest in the community so we may best meet the need.

If you are interested in participating in these classes, please let us know by emailing Elizabeth at or stopping by and letting her know.  (If she is not at her desk, please leave her a note.)