Book Review

Counting Coup Becoming a Crow Chief on the Reservation and Beyond

By Joseph Medicine Crow

There are many Indian or Native American tribes in the United States today. This is the life of Joseph Medicine Crow as he recounts the days before and during reservation life in the area now called Montana and Wyoming. As the last Crow war chief, Joseph tells his story beginning as a young boy living on a reservation and stuck between 2 worlds. He heard the elders tell their stories of the past including the real story of Custer’s Last Stand. Joseph Medicine Crow is a top rate story teller. Here is a biography rich in history and beyond value in the retelling of life of the Plains Indians known as the Crow. Recommended read for tweens and early teens or for anyone interested in glimpsing an inside peak at life long gone, especially for boys.

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Reviewed by Arlene Griffin, Library North Branch Manager