True Colors by Kristin Hannah

cover art for the novel true colors by kristin hannah

True Colors by Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah has done it again. Following Firefly Lane (among many other titles) the author has brought us another modern tale about relationships. The Grey sisters lost their mother in the 1970’s and left with only a distant father figure, they developed strong ties to each other. Winona is the oldest and smartest and rewards herself with food. Aurora is the middle child who keeps the peace at any cost including her own self while Vivi Ann as the baby has the looks and her father’s attention. All this changes when a stranger is hired to work on the ranch. Vivi Ann is attracted to him although she is already engaged to the one man Winona has always loved. Aurora listens to both sides and remains neutral. What follows in this contemporary drama are the ups and downs of the relationships the three women share through denial, anger, love and loss and the terms they set for themselves in living life fully and with each other. For the three Grey sisters, sometimes family is all that matters. Kristin Hannah is looking for book clubs willing to discuss Firefly Lane. There is a sign up sheet on the link below. The Jackson Madison County Library may even get Kristin to join us for a discussion by phone!