Main Library Children’s Department Remodel Update

Today has been a busy day at the Main Library, especially in the children’s department! We’ve been lucky enough to be “adopted” by the Team Hawks of the 2008 Leadership Jackson Class. They’ve been working hard raising funds, planning, and today implementing a new look for the children’s department.
Here are some photos and a video of the [almost] final product of today’s hard work!

Team Hawks from the Class of 2008 Leadership Jackson.  (and Liz Parnell, who was just kind of there!)


Our new Furniture and wall color!

Our new furniture and AWESOME new mural!

The children’s department will remain closed and off limits to patrons through a portion of Monday as we are letting the paint dry and we need to replace the shelving and books to the back wall. So, continue to be patient with us, we’ll be back to our new and improved normal soon!


Children’s area is now open and we invite you to come and check it out!

Team Hawks and the library invite you to come to a ribbon cutting on Thursday May 21 at 4pm. Please come and check out our new look and help us say thanks to all of those who made this endeavor possible!