Grand Prize Winners–Summer Reading 2009

We held the drawing tonight for the 2009 Summer Reading Teen and Adult Book Clubs.  Below is a list of the winners.

If your name is below, your prize is currently (Friday 7/17) at the Main Library and you may come and pick it up.  We will contact the winners via phone or email on SATURDAY (7/18) to make arrangements for you to pick up your prize.  (Meaning if you would rather pick it up at Main Library or Library North.)  Prizes will be available for pick up Library North on Tuesday 7/21.


iPod Nano–Rachel Lancaster
$25 Red Robin Gift Card–Calin Temple
$15 Best Buy Gift Card–Erin Crouse
$15 Best Buy Gift Card–Manal Abdi
Buffalo Wild Wings Wing Party–Lee Anna Fewell
Buffalo Wild Wings Party–Janelle Kyle
Green Frog $5 Gift Card–Maclin Williamson
Green Frog $5 Gift Card–Jay Goehring
Green Frog $5 Gift Card–Alan Wilms
Cici’s Buffet Pass–Michaela Strickland
Cici’s Buffet Pass–Shanetta Taylor
Cici’s Buffet Pass–Connor Johnson
Cici’s Buffet Pass–Appleton Shalom
Tote Bag–Mary Parker Johnston
Tote Bag–Ben Graham
Tote Bag–Emily Lester
Tote Bag–Austin Williams
Clock Bookmark–Skylar Reis
Clock Bookmark–Kaity Chaikowsky
Clock Bookmark–Ashley Arinze
Clock Bookmark–Amanda Armstrong
Clock Bookmark–Alaina Graham
Guitar Pick Charm–Noah Pennington
Guitar Pick Charm–Mark Carbonell
Guitar Pick Charm–Grace Carbonell
Guitar Pick Charm–Gisetta Acosta
Guitar Pick Charm–Calin Temple
Bowling Pass–Alan Wilms
Bowling Pass–Austin Wilms
Bowling Pass–Jay Goehring
Bowling Pass–Erin Crouse
Bowling Pass–Skylar Reis
Bowling Pass–Kaity Chaikowsky
Bowling Pass–Ashley Arinze
Bowling Pass–Amanda Armstrong
Bowling Pass–Aliaina Graham
Bowling Pass–Noah Pennington
Bowling Pass–Mark Carbonell
Bowling Pass–Grace Carbonell
Bowling Pass–Victor Comer
Bowling Pass–Victoria Comer
Bowling Pass–Michaela Strickland

We had a super entry into our Teen Book Trailer Video Contest…Kaity Chaikowsky!  Kaity will receive a Buffalo Wild Wings Wing Party, as will her brother Connor who was the wonderful actor in Kaity’s video.  You can check out her video here:


$25 Target Gift Card–Julia Cotton
$25 Lowe’s Gift Card–Thomas Hay
$25 Lowe’s Gift Card–Jennifer Trently
2 Free Lunches at the Baker’s Rack–Kim Lancaster
2 Free Lunches at the Baker’s Rack–Joyce Mason
$10 gift certificate to Old Town Spaghetti Store–Kimberly McKinney
$10 gift certificate to Old Town Spaghetti Store–Lisa Thornton
1 lb Starbucks Coffee–Jay Bryant
$5 Moes Bucks–Mary Beth Seltzer
$5 Moes Bucks–Liz Williams
$5 Moes Bucks–Charlotte Hangyas
$5 Moes Bucks–Christina King
$5 Moes Bucks–Erica Holloway
$5 Moes Bucks–Cherie Graham
Book, courtesy of Green Frog Coffee–Ann Flynt
Book, courtesy of Green Frog Coffee–Angie Lafont
Book, courtesy of Green Frog Coffee-Page Pennington
Book, courtesy of Green Frog Coffee–Michelle Bryant
Book, courtesy of Green Frog Coffee–Mirasol Fitzgerald
Book, courtesy of Green Frog Coffee–Barbara Hathaway
Book, courtesy of Green Frog Coffee–Cissy Williams
Book, courtesy of Green Frog Coffee–Lucenda Groce
Book, courtesy of Green Frog Coffee–Lisa Taylor
Book, courtesy of Green Frog Coffee–Jaime Lewis
$5 Green Frog Coffee Gift Card–Mindy Baumgardner
$5 Green Frog Coffee Gift Card–Tonya Burgess
$5 Green Frog Coffee Gift Card–Stephanie Swims
$5 Green Frog Coffee Gift Card–Heather Young
$5 Green Frog Coffee Gift Card–Mark Johnston
$5 Green Frog Coffee Gift Card–Doug Gibson
$5 Green Frog Coffee Gift Card–Jay Wardlow
Notepad Block–Lory Brooks
Notepad Block–Deedee Doumitt
Notepad Block–Sandi Kay Spegal
Notepad Block–Katie Yaeger
Notepad Block–Crystal Hattewick
Card Set–Janet Heltzer
Card Set–Sheila Williamson
Card Set–Julia Brunit
Card Set–Connie Teel
Card Set–Jennie Gipson
Can Koozy–Sara Johnson
Can Koozy– Marti Kuy Kendall
Can Koozy–Juanda Kearney
Can Koozy–Latisha Strickland
Can Koozy–Brenda Hall
Bowling Pass–Shanna Groom
Bowling Pass–Frenchie Fuller
Bowling Pass–Megan Mayham
Bowling Pass–Hannah Morgan
Buffalo Wild Wings Wing Party–Josh Brunet

(My sincere apologies for any misspelled names.)

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone who spent the summer reading!  Hooray!