Happy Birthday Jackson!

Happy 187th Birthday to the city of Jackson!

It was today, August 17, in 1822 that the city of Jackson officially became the city of Jackson.

Madison County Historian Linda Higgins shares the following:

“By an act of the Legislature of August 17, 1822, the name of the seat of justice was changed from Alexandria to Jackson…” from p.37 Historic Madison. The actual wording of the Act was as follows: “That the town heretofore laid off for the seat of justice in the county of Madison, by the name of Alexandria, shall be known and distinguished by the name of Jackson…”

The town plan was submitted to the Legislature around Aug. 1 with the proposed name of Alexandria, but technically the settlement was never called “Alexandria.” That was just the name selected by the early settlers who met in Adam Alexander’s land office, his log home, which according to Historic Madison, “Tradition says was located on the Forked Deer, southwest of Jackson on the property of the present University of Tennessee Experiment Station…” Also in Historic Madison is this “Court records indicate that business was conducted at Alexandria until Sept. 17, 1822.”

So we find that the name proposed for the city of Jackson was Alexandria for a few months, but today, 187 years later, we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jackson!