Fall 2009 Art Classes with Mr. Poppelaars at Main Library

As many of you know, the Main Library has been lucky enough to offer free art classes by Mr. Frank Poppelaars and his American Art Academy for children over the past spring and summer.

Mr. Poppelaars would like to change it up a bit for the fall classes. He would like to focus on teenagers who would like to learn more and expand their skill, children with special needs, and adults.

We are once again polling the community to see if there is an interest for art classes for these groups.  If we find there is, we will set up a time for these groups to meet with Mr. Poppelaars at the Main Library for art classes.

Classes are free of charge, but students will be asked to provide their own materials.

We’ve set up a short survey using surveymonkey.com to gauge community interest.  If you have an interested party in any of these groups mentioned above for art classes, please complete the survey and we will use the results to set up the classes.

Take the survey here!

If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Poppelaars and the art classes, here’s some info:

Mr. Poppelaars is an accomplished artist who recently moved to Jackson and has a desire to share his talent with others.  He holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and has had experience teaching art to others.  He is currently teaching classes at Hobby Lobby and in Humboldt.

Feel free to share this information with anyone you think you would benefit.

Leave a comment on this blog or contact Liz Parnell at jmcl.childrens@lssi.com or at 731-425-8600 ext. 4 with comments or questions.  (Leaving a comment on the blog or e-mail is best!)



  1. I’m looking for an art class/camp for my 14 year old. She’s very talented, has a lot of potential, and needs something to do this summer!

  2. Hello! Thanks for your interest! I do not know of an art camp around, but you may check out some of the local universities. I know when I was a kid one of the local community colleges held a “kiddie camp” on a bunch of different topics. You may also check out some of the local private schools who may offer summer classes as a part of their summer extended care program.

    We are offering art classes here at the library throughout the summer with Mr. Poppelaars. The classes are open studio, meaning that everyone over the age of 8 is invited and he will work with you where you are. All skill levels are invited to attend! I know Mr. P would love to work with your daughter, he is always excited to see young people who want to seriously expand their talent.

    Classes are each Saturday morning from 10:30am-1pm at the Main Library. If you have any further questions, let me know! You can contact me at elizabeth.parnellATlssi.com.

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