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tennessee women

Tennessee Women: Their Lives and Times

By: Sarah Wilkerson Freeman & Beverly Greene Bond

Told against the backdrop of their times, these are the life stories of women who shaped Tennessee’s history. Including suffragists, civil rights activists, and movers and shakers in politics and in the music industries of Nashville and Memphis, as well as many other notables, this collective portrait of Tennessee women offers new perspectives and insights into their dreams, their struggles, and their times.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Preface / Sarah Wilkerson Freeman
  • Nan-ye-hi (Nancy Ward): Diplomatic mother  by Cynthia Cumfer
  • Fanny Wright: Battle against slavery  by  Celia Morris
  • Milly Swan Price: Freedom, kinship, and property by Beverly Greene Bond
  • Mary Church Terrell: Revisiting the politics of race, class, and gender  by Cherisse Jones-Branch
  • Alberta Hunter: “She had the world in a jug, with the stopper in her hand” by Michelle R. Scott
  • Phoebe Fairgrave Omlie: Wing walker, parachute jumper, air racer by  Janann Sherma
  • Sue Shelton White: Lady warrior by Betty Sparks Huehls and Beverly Greene Bond
  • Charl Ormond Williams: Feminist politics and education for equality by Sarah Wilkerson Freeman
  • Lucille Thornburgh: “I had to be right pushy” by  Connie L. Lester
  • Martha Ragland: The evolution of a political feminist by Carole Bucy
  • Wilma Dykeman: The hearth and the map by  Melissa Walker
  • Sarah Colley Cannon (Minnie Pearl): Gossiping about Grinder’s Switch – the Grand Ole Opry and the modernization of Tennessee
  • Kristine M. McCusker — Diane Judith Nash: A mission for equality, justice, and social change / Linda T. Wynn
  • Wilma Rudolph: Running for freedom / Aram Goudsouzian
  • Jo Walker-Meador: The Country Music Association by Diane Pecknold
  • Bettye Berger: Transforming the mainstream by Laura Helper-Ferris
  • Jocelyn Dan Wurzburg: Feminist and race woman by Gail S. Murray
  • Doris Bradshaw: Battling environmental racism by Melissa Checker