2010 Environmental Stewardship Awards

Help Keep Jackson Beautiful recognize efforts that contribute to the environmental integrity of Jackson/Madison County.

Your nomination forms will be used to recognize individuals and organizations in the following categories:

Individual – This award will be presented to an individual for outstanding efforts  that were primarily initiated, promoted and managed by the applicant/nominee.   Nominees should exhibit good environmental stewardship characteristics, initiative, and commitment.

StudentThis award will be presented to a student who has exercised positive environmental practices and clearly demonstrates leadership, commitment to stewardship, and achievement in applying knowledge gained in the classroom.

Agriculture – the agriculture award is intended to be presented to any individual actively involved in agriculture that has exercised initiative, demonstrated positive environmental practices, and has successfully displayed advancement in an agricultural practice.

Institutional – Institutional recipients must represent efforts working to foster environmental principles.  Examples of groups may include schools, nonprofit organizations, community organizations, and similar parties that have a defined social or task goal

Business/Industry – the category is intended to award businesses that make a decided effort to ensure that their practices logically fit into an overall positive environmental management perspective.  Many businesses take on beneficial efforts that all to often go unrecognized. These efforts may include technical efforts or efforts to create partnerships for environmental benefit.

WHEN: Nomination period from March 1, 2010 – April 15, 2010

HOW: Send in Nominations by completing this form and sending it via email to jjacobs@cityofjackson.net or  by mail to Keep Jackson Beautiful, 111 E. Main St. Suite 201, Jackson TN 38301

Drop boxes can also be found at both JMCL branches