Book Sale: $10 for a BAG beginning Saturday at 3pm

Thought the book sale was awesome?  It’s about to get BETTER!

Beginning at 3pm Saturday, grab a plastic grocery bag and pay $10 for whatever you can CRAM into that bag!

The Book Sale is currently going on, and will end today at 4:30pm.  It will reopen tomorrow around 1:15pm and end at 4:30pm.

So come on down to the Main Library and find some great deals!



  1. I was at the book sale Friday and walked away with about 18 books, but that’s including a couple of small books for my 12 year old daughter. She got some fancy cook book, with recipes for flan and pâté, and I’m pretty doubtful that she’ll ever need to know how to make either one of them.

    Unless she get courageous one day and decides to make a flan and pâté sandwich.

    BTW, she was the one sitting in the chair reading the book that was in the paper yesterday. She was sitting there reading while I went around looking for various literary gems.

    Anyway took her back to her mom’s house, and she took the copy of the paper I had to show her mom, which was perfectly fine. Seeing as my mom already had a copy of the paper with her picture in it. But around 11 pm on Saturday I thought that it would be no trouble to get online and go to the online version of the Jackson Sun and find that article with my daughter’s picture.

    At this point I am closing in on my fourth hour of searching the online Jackson Sun for that article and that pic. Going through every category that could possibly have an article, photo, or any combination of the two.

    Didn’t even come close, and according to the search feature, the most recent time there was an article about the Jackson: Madison County Library, the year was 2008.

    Anyway a little help would be appreciated, but certainly not expected.

  2. That was a great picture! I’m very glad you found some great finds at the Book Sale.

    I do not see a photo album online from the Book Sale, which probably means they did not publish that photo on their online website. I don’t think the publish every photo online.

    You can purchase a copy of the the photo from the Jackson Sun. I have done that before…just went down to their office at the corner of Lafayette & Airways and put in an order.

    Or, just call their office and ask!

    Good Luck!

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