Family Fun Activities July 11-17

This is the very last week of summer reading!  I’m sad!

This week’s big event is our End-of-Summer Block Party on Thursday July 15 from 5:30pm-7pm in Rotary Park.  Rotary Park is the gated park area next to the Main Library.  We hope you come out for this event!  We’ll have ice cream, games, music, and fun!  Be sure to bring your reading logs/bingo cards to redeem any prizes you need to get.

July 16 is the last day to redeem prizes.

Click here to check out the list of this week’s activities.

For Family Fun this week, I’m going to refer back to the fun activities posted throughout the summer.  Did you miss one?  Go back and check them out!  Want to go back and re-do a favorite!  Go for it!  Just have fun!

Here are the previous posts:

June 1-June 5: “Pirates”

June 6-June 12: “Under the Sea”

June 13-June 19: “Wonders of Water”

June 20-June 26: “Squish Squash: Freshwater and Wetlands”

June 27-July 3: “Splash Summer”

July 4-10: July 4th Activities, mash-up of water activities.

Have fun, and we hope that you had a wonderful summer participating in our summer reading program!  We’ll see ya next year!