Looking for something to entertain some kids?

Need just a few minutes to take a shower/load the dishwasher/go to the bathroom in peace?

Mommy/Daddy/Grandparents/Babysitter/etc. needs a time-out?

Don’t forget about Tumblebooks! It’s a collection of animated, talking picture books that is a FREE resource to YOU, from the Jackson Madison County Library!

Simply click the blue “tumblebook library” icon you see on the right column and launch into a world of fun!

Oh, it’s not JUST picture books!  Click and enter a world…

  • puzzles
  • games
  • full novels, with a read-along function
  • books in Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and Russian

PERFECT for a few minutes of fun learning for your kids, and maybe some peace for you!



  1. L just loves using this program. We have memorized so many of the stories and recite catchy phrases throughout our days. Especially, “This house is going craaaazzzy!” from 50 Below. Thanks for offering this through the library’s site.

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