Song about the Jackson Madison County Library

One of our very talented teen patrons, Madeline Flynt, wrote a song about reading and libraries!  She has given permission for us to post the lyrics on our blog.

Please enjoy, and thanks Madeline!

After a long day of writing
I like reading others’ work
I may have to skim through all the crud
And wade through all the murk

But when I can’t find something to my taste
Sweat starts to bead
All of this is bad fan-fiction
I guess I’ll have to read…

a book.

I went to a library
And guess what I found
A million books of original fiction
Without any irritating sounds

No annoying people begging for comments
Character apps or reviews
All the authors want is
Their books to be read by you

So grab a mug of cider
And a box of Raisinets
You’ll be in that chair a while
Reading something you’ll never forget

No haters or flamers
Read by goth kids and gamers

So stick around and have a seat
There’s plenty to go around
When you’re finished with this, just return it
And grab another from the mound

Like a TV in your head
Some can even help you raise the dead

Grab a tome
Make yourself at home
And remember: it’s all free!
Unless it’s all overdue.
Then it’s a dollar seventy-three

We got music and movies, too
So if you have you laptop on hand
You can watch Edward Scissorhands
For free: not on demand!

Nobody will bother you
Unless you’re being a jerk
Remember that some people here
Are kind of trying to work

So welcome to Jackson-Madison County Public Library
The place where books are free!