Easy Nonfiction

Miss Liz has been working on bulking up the “First Reader” collections.   In doing so, she created a new section of books labeled “Easy Nonfiction” at the Main Library.

These books are located with the “First Readers” at the end of the fiction books.

Here is the first reader shelf at the Main Library.


The Easy Non-Fiction Shelf. You can easily find it by the sign!

“Easy Nonfiction” books are nonfiction books written on a lower reading levels: Pre-1st to 2nd grade.

You will find books on topics such as:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Simple Math Concepts
  • Simple Science Concepts
  • Bugs
  • And More!

A sample of some of the new Easy Non-Fiction collection at the Main Library.

If you have a beginning reader, make sure to check out this new collection at the Main Library!