Main Library: New Books December 7, 2010

The Main Library has recently put out some NEW BOOKS!  Here is a selection of some we put out today.

(The link under each book cover will take you to our card catalog where you may read a short synopsis of the book.  Note that some of these titles may have waiting lists.)

Dead or Alive by Tom Clancy with Grant Blackwood


The Hucklbeberry Murders by Patrick F. McManus


Killer on a Hot Tin Roof by Livia J. Washburn


Love Brought Me Back:  A Journey of Loss and Gain by Natalie Cole


The Midnight Show Murders: A Billy Blessing Novel by Al Roker and Dick Lochte


Of Love and Evil by Anne Rice


Snow Day by Billy Coffey


Lafayette and the American Revolution by Russell Freedman

There you go!  A few new titles put out today at the Main Library.  We hope you enjoy!