Summer Reading Program Rules

Please note, these are the rules for Summer Reading Program 2011.

Each circle is equivalent to 10 minutes.  You do not have to read 10 minutes a day.  If you read 30 minutes one day, fill in 3 circles!  If you received your log after registration week, in order to receive prizes for all weeks you will have to read more than 10 minutes a day.

Prizes for the week are to be picked up during the dates indicated underneath the week.  For example, we are currently on prizes for week 2 dates June 13-19.  Since this is a new system and there may have been some confusion, for this week only you may receive prizes for week 1 and week 2, but after this week prizes will not be given for past weeks.  Last year prizes were given more than one at a time and we ran out of prizes.  Therefore, this year prizes will be given one week at a time in order to ensure everyone gets a prize for that week.  This makes it equal for all who participate.  Coupons are also given with the weekly prize, however quantities of the coupons are given by donation only and there may not be enough coupons to last the week.  Coupons may run out before the ending date of that week’s prizes.

If you have any questions regarding the Summer Reading Program system please feel free to call the library at 731.425.8600 x4