Reptile Event!

Here are the ticketing details for the Reptile show on Wed, June 29 @ 2pm

  • Tickets will be given on a first come first serve basis beginning MONDAY, JUNE 27
  • You must come to the library to pick up your tickets.  Tickets will not be held for families over the phone or through email
  • There will be a total of 250 tickets
  • Of the 250 tickets, 100 tickets will be sent to the North library.  Please note: the North library is closed on Monday so their tickets will only be available for pick up on Tuesday, June 28th
  • Please do not pick up more tickets than necessary.  If you have 3 children, only pick up 3 tickets.  This will make it fair for all.
  • Tickets are for children only (age 0-16).  For example, if you have 3 children and are bringing 2 adults you only need 3 tickets!
  • I will send out an email, post on this blog & facebook when all the tickets have been given out at main and at north in order to avoid unnecessary trips once the tickets have all been claimed.

If you do NOT have a ticket:

  • If you do not make it to the library in time to pick up a ticket before Wednesday, please feel free to come to the library on Wednesday before 2pm.  We will begin a list of people who do not have tickets and if we feel we can fit more people into the room (and the presenter feels comfortable) we will add more people to the room from the wait list.  Please note, there is no guarantee anyone from the wait list will be able to enter the event.

If you HAVE a ticket:

  • If you have a ticket, please be on time.  At 2:15 we will start filling the room with people from the wait list.  If you have a ticket and have not arrived by 2:15 we will let those who are on the wait list enter the program room and once the room is full, its full, whether you have a ticket or not.

If you have any questions regarding the event or ticketing process please call 731.425.8600 or email